Why Does My Sweat Stink When I’m Stressed?


Keep in mind the Saturday Night time Dwell schoolgirl character, Mary Katherine Gallagher, who would stick her fingers below her arms after which odor them each time she bought nervous? It’s doubtless she was getting a whiff of one thing robust. Sweat produced once we’re below emotional stress is made by the apocrine glands, that are answerable for the pungent sweat.

What precisely triggers stress sweat continues to be unclear, although scientists hypothesize that it’s linked to the adrenaline launch that accompanies a fight-or-flight scenario. This serves as an evolutionary — and odorous — warning sign.

Stress may additionally trigger a vicious circle of sweat: If you discover you’re perspiring lots, it may possibly improve your nervousness — What if somebody notices my moist underarms?  And this in flip could make you sweat much more.

This was excerpted from “All the things You Needed to Know About Sweat” which was printed within the July/August 2022 concern of Expertise Life.


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