Why Do Certain Clothes Smell Worse Than Others After We Sweat?


A examine revealed within the journal ­Utilized and Environmental Microbiology exhibits that polyester attire retains stink greater than ­cotton clothes after a tough exercise, as a result of it’s much less absorbent and promotes odor-causing micro organism.

“We investigated the microbial development on each textile varieties, and it appeared that completely different microbial development occurred,” says Ghent College’s Chris Callewaert, PhD, senior postdoctoral analysis fellow at Analysis Basis Flanders and creator of the web site DrArmpit.com.

“Polyester was a supply for Micrococcus enrichment, which was not seen on cotton. Micrococci are recognized for his or her enzymatic capability to degrade fatty acids and amino acids into unstable malodorous compounds. These microbes are additionally an vital motive why polyester is stinkier after train.”

Like pure cotton, wool can assist you keep away from a smelly garments hamper. Whereas wool will allow microbial development, it breeds largely nonodorous micro organism.

Exercise put on is usually produced from synthetics like Lycra and polyester, which might wick away sweat however maintain on to physique odor. Specifically formulated detergents can assist dissolve the oils that ­work together with micro organism and trigger the odor. Antimicrobial sportswear may also assist cut back the microbial numbers, but it surely comes with its personal dangers. (For extra on why ­anti-odor garments stink, see “Why Anti-Odor Garments Stink“.)

These measures forestall the sweat that’s absorbed into the handled materials from changing into smelly. However be forewarned that micro organism in your pores and skin can nonetheless rework the sweat molecules into one thing malodorous.

(For sensible recommendation on getting funky odors out of gymnasium garments, see “How you can De-Stink Your Sweats“.)

This was excerpted from “Every thing You At all times Wished to Know About Sweat” which was revealed within the July/August 2022 challenge of Expertise Life.