Why Are My Feet Swollen?


Doable trigger: Fluid retention

Swollen ft and ankles could also be associated to edema, when an excessive amount of fluid turns into trapped within the physique’s tissues. Edema might be attributable to poor venous return (when the physique’s potential to pump blood up and away from the ft is compromised), consuming an excessive amount of salt, being pregnant, being premenstrual, or sitting or standing in place for too lengthy.

It might even be a facet impact of sure drugs or an indication of insulin resistance. “Uncontrolled blood sugar creates free radicals and irritation that damages collagen within the blood vessels, in order that they begin to lose integrity,” says Emily Splichal, DPM, a func­tional podiatrist on the Heart for Purposeful and Regenerative Podiatric Drugs in Chandler, Ariz..

Edema can sign much more severe situations, together with prob­lems with the kidneys, liver, or coronary heart. When you’ve got persistent swelling in your ft and ankles, it’s smart to test together with your healthcare supplier.

Regardless of the underlying subject, swelling within the ft and ankles is often relieved by elevating them. And whereas taking a stroll can generally enhance swelling (particularly in scorching climate), strolling supplies a internet profit. The calves are often known as the “second coronary heart” due to the position they play in pumping blood by the decrease a part of the physique.

“The ft, being farthest away from the guts, run the best danger of poor circulation; your cardiovascular system relies upon closely on the motion of the muscle tissue within the ft and decrease legs,” writes Bowman in Easy Steps to Foot Ache Reduction.

One of the simplest ways to lend the guts a hand is to get shifting. “You want a pumping mechanism to get the blood again as much as the guts, and strolling is an effective way to activate that calf pump,” Splichal explains. (For extra in your calves and cardiovascular well being, see “The Stunning Connection Between Your Calves and Coronary heart Well being.“)

Because the literal basis of our our bodies, our ft are essential to retaining us energetic and wholesome. See “What Your Ft Are Attempting to Inform You,” from which this text was excerpted, for extra frequent foot points and steps to relieving them.


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