What Is Comprehensive Travel Insurance And What Does It Cover?


Travel insurance covers losses incurred while traveling, either domestically or internationally. It may be purchased for a single trip or on an annual basis. It can cover various losses such as medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, trip cancellation with some exemptions, and more. However, there is the standard travel insurance and then comprehensive travel insurance. Learn also how travel insurance comparison will help you find the best policy for you.

What is Comprehensive Travel Insurance?

A comprehensive travel cover is an insurance policy that provides protection against a range of eventualities that could occur before or during your holiday. The most comprehensive policies will provide cover for you in the event of cancellation or interruption to your trip, loss or damage to your baggage and personal belongings, medical emergencies, and much more.

The insurance policy will also provide cover for you if you have to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event such as illness or the death of a close relative. It offers most of the benefits of a standard travel insurance policy, with the added benefit of being able to cancel your trip for any reason or pre-existing conditions waiver.

 Why Get a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover?

 A comprehensive travel insurance policy provides protection against a wide range of eventualities that could occur before or during your holiday. Here are the reasons to convince you to pay the extra fee for a comprehensive policy:

 1. Disasters Can Strike at Any Time

No matter how well you plan your trip, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will cover you if you have to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event such as a natural disaster, the death of a close relative, or war. If the insurance policy includes the ‘cancel for any reason clause, you will be able to cancel your trip for any reason and receive a refund of up to 75% of the cost of your holiday.

 2. You’ll be Adequately Covered for Medical Emergencies

A comprehensive travel insurance policy will provide cover for you in a medical emergency. This includes cover for evacuation, repatriation, and medical expenses. It is important to note that most comprehensive policies will exclude cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Still, some travel insurance insurers do ask for a premium to cover you if an issue arises because of pre-existing health conditions.

3. You’ll be Protected if Your Belongings are Lost or Stolen

Another benefit of having a comprehensive travel insurance policy is that you will be protected if your belongings are lost or stolen while you are on holiday. With the typical policy, you will be covered for the cost of replacement or repair up to a specific limit. However, with a comprehensive policy, there is usually no limit on the amount you can claim.

4. Because You Have To

Are you still not convinced? You might need to get a comprehensive policy if you are planning to travel to certain countries such as Turkey. Most medical insurance policies will not cover you for medical expenses incurred outside of your home country. In order to be eligible for a visa to enter such countries, you will need to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for the duration of your stay.

How to Get the Best Comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover?


Now that you know the benefits of having a comprehensive policy, you might be wondering how to get the best cover. The most crucial starting point is to compare travel insurance policies from different insurers. Travel insurance comparison will help you find the policy that best suits your needs and budget. When comparing them: 

  • Check the policy exclusion list: Most policies have some exclusions, so you should read the policy document carefully to understand the terms and conditions of the cover. You want to ensure that you are not paying for a policy that excludes the very thing you need to cover.
  • Get quotes from multiple insurers: Get quotes from at least three different travel insurance companies to compare and find the most competitive deal.
  •  Check the reviews: When you have shortlisted a few policies, check travel insurance reviews to see what other customers are saying about the cover and the company.
  •  Check the cover limit: Make sure the policy covers the total cost of your trip, especially if you are traveling to an expensive country.


A comprehensive travel insurance policy might not be a must-have for everyone, but it has advantages. If your travel is a high-risk one or to an expensive country, having comprehensive cover might save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind.