What Does “Cruelty-Free” Really Mean?



Neither the FDA nor USDA oversees the usage of this time period in adver­tising, so different teams have stepped in. The agricultural group A Greener World, which additionally certifies natural, grassfed, and non-GMO merchandise, awards the Animal Welfare Accredited label to unbiased farms the place animals are raised outdoor on pasture or vary for his or her complete lives and are slaughtered hu­manely. These farms should additionally apply sustainable rising methods.

The Humane Farm Animal Care group labels merchandise Licensed Humane Raised & Dealt with to point the animals have been humanely raised from beginning by slaughter. The International Animal Partnership, launched by Complete Meals in 2008, certifies animal welfare, together with emotional well-being, and requires that animals be shocked earlier than slaughter.

Halal and kosher certifications require “fast and swift slaughter” however don’t assure animals are humanely raised.

This was excerpted from “Easy methods to Learn Deceptive Meals Labels” which was revealed within the July/August 2022 situation of Expertise Life.

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