What Are the Health Benefits of Blueberries?


With their tight blue jackets, blueberries are sturdy and self-contained, making them one of the mess-free and versatile of edible berries. Candy and juicy with a signature spicy scent, wild blueberries develop on bushes native to North America, and farmers have been fastidiously cultivating domesticated blueberries for greater than a century.

Blueberries have anthocyanins to thank for his or her hue. As a result of they’ve such potent anti-inflammatory properties, consuming only a third of a cup of blueberries a day might decrease the danger of a number of ailments. These berries enhance blood-vessel perform, making arteries extra versatile and fewer prone to stiffen with corrosive plaque.

A six-month examine, the longest of its variety, revealed in 2019 within the American Journal of Medical Vitamin, discovered that consuming a cup of blueberries a day lowered the danger of coronary heart illness by as much as 15 p.c for individuals with metabolic syndrome, a cluster of situations (together with hypertension) that besets as much as a 3rd of American adults.

Within the kitchen, blueberries freeze properly. They maintain their form when tossed into pancake or muffin batter. Surprisingly, cooked blueberries could also be even higher for you than contemporary ones: In response to some sources, warmth makes their phytonutrients extra bioavailable. And if you happen to’ve ever seen a greenish tint to cooked blueberries (say, in blueberry muffins), that’s a innocent aspect impact of the berry’s delicate pH moshing with the recipe’s extra alkaline elements, similar to baking soda.

(See “Blueberries: Recipes, Methods, and Extra” for extra on these dietary superstars.)

This was excerpted from “11 Berries to Eat and Their Well being Advantages” which was revealed in Expertise Life.


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