The Variety Of The Child’s Diet In His First Year Of Life


It’s obvious that parents want to give their little one all the best from clothes and toys to food and supplements. Babies go through a crucial and difficult period the same time during their first year of life. All of the body systems are just beginning to take shape and, therefore, it is important to take care of the child as much as possible, so that there will be no health problems in the long run.

As all the necessary healthy elements come with food that your child consumes, you need to pay special attention to the products that you buy. So let’s consider some tips on how to make your baby’s diet as healthy and nutritious as possible.

1. Breastfeed if it’s possible

There is no big mystery that breast milk is the best option of food for babies during their first months of life. It is enriched with all the best elements that your baby really needs. It will definitely meet all the needs and make your child grow strong and healthy. Moreover, breast milk contains antibodies that are transferred from the mother’s body to the child. 

Their main function is to strengthen your child’s immunity and fight harmful germs and infections. That’s why breast milk is a uniquely useful option for babies. It is also recommended to supplement breast milk with vitamin D, which is available as drops. But remember to consult a doctor and ensure that your little one really needs it. So if you are able to breastfeed – do it for the first 6 months or even more and later introduce some solid foods as a diet. 

2. If you choose bottle-feeding for your baby

Sometimes breastfeeding is not an option, so you can always switch to baby formula and be sure it’s a good alternative. Nowadays, there are a variety of baby formulas on the market that you can choose from. Taking the fact that every child is unique with its peculiarities, you need to consider different options and evaluate their suitability for your child.

You can even find some baby formulas that can deal with different health issues such as reflux, allergy, lactose intolerance, spitting, and others. We recommend you take into account European certified baby formulas as they are widely recognized and high-quality. Moreover, they are suitable for different stages of life. So you can easily find the best baby formula from the very birth onwards.

3. Introducing solid foods to your baby

When your little one turns to be 6 months and older you can carefully introduce solid foods. The main recommendation is to start with small portions, for example, a teaspoon of puree at first, and slowly increase to a tablespoon in the diet. Give your child time to get used to it and it will come smoothly. You can cook some purees from vegetables and fruits or buy some baby food pouches that are extremely popular now.

They consist of different food products so that you can find some that your baby really loves. Be careful about introducing a new ingredient. Wait for 3-5 days to check for the possible allergic reaction and if everything’s okay you can give it. 

4. So what foods can your baby eat during the first year of life?

baby food diet

You can introduce everything you want but not too much of each product. You can even introduce allergenic food but in a small amount. Give your baby more vegetables, fruits, fish, and light meat in a shape that will be chewable for a child such as a puree and soft food cut into small pieces. Don’t add any salt, sugar, or other flavorings to the diet.

Be sure they are not healthy for your little one and a child will enjoy the clear tastes of the products. Also be careful about citrus, egg whites, nuts, dried fruits, and dairy products. It’s better to avoid them during the first year of life or give them in a very small amount.