Joe Rogan reveals how he survived getting cancelled: ‘Magic mushrooms and exercise’


Back in January, liberals tried to cancel Joe Rogan with a ruthless assault the place he was painted as a racist white supremacist. His fixed disagreements and fights towards CNN are in all probability the rationale somebody determined to go after him. Rogan must be amongst probably the most polarizing figures in recent times, he has probably the most well-known podcast on the earth.

In his try to supply all people a perspective, Joe is usually thought-about a supporter of many various concepts which might be straight towards the liberal agenda. Nevertheless, his discourse has all the time been considered one of inclusion to utterly all people. Giving a voice to people who find themselves thought-about polarizing is what makes Joe Rogan so polarizing.

Nevertheless, having a look at his type of comedy and concepts will make most change their minds about him. Again in January, there was a video compilation of Joe Rogan saying the N-word always with none context. No one who is not black is meant to say that phrase as a result of it is racist, easy as that.

However Joe felt comfy saying it in his personal podcast as a proof of concepts, to not tackle a selected black particular person in that approach. This video was clearly purported to be taken from a spot with no context, simply aimed to destroy Joe. So how did Rogan reply? He did what he does finest, look right into a mirror and analyze his current by means of substances and self-torture.

Joe Rogan and his uncommon traditions.

As one of the vital essential UFC commentators who ever lived, Joe Rogan has an in depth relationship with bodily conditioning. He’s in love with the concept of placing your physique by means of unimaginable quantities of misery with the intention to acquire extra self-discipline. When all that cancel tradition stuff occurred, he might solely shelter himself in train and one other hobbie of his.

As you could already know, Joe loves half taking into some psychedelic substances now and again. That is precisely what he did with the intention to cancel out all that noise about him. Rogan took Mushrooms daily for months when that entire ordeal occurred. It helped him get previous a disaster interval that only a few celebrities can endure. Throughout a particular Fourth of July Lex Friedman podcast, Joe revealed his secret.