Is Being Overhydrated Dangerous?


Ingesting an excessive amount of water is much less frequent than underconsuming it, however the penalties of utmost overhydration could be as harmful as these related to dehydration. (It’s possible you’ll keep in mind the headlines within the 2000s and 2010s warning marathon runners of the “lethal risks” of overdoing their water consumption.)

That’s as a result of overhydration can dilute sodium ranges within the blood. This could trigger situations like hyponatremia (an electrolyte imbalance) and water intoxication (a uncommon phenomenon that happens when water consumption exceeds the quantity of water excreted by the kidneys).

“In the event you’re chugging gallons of water to energy via lengthy exercises, it could actually flush out crucial minerals,” explains human-performance advisor Will Maloney, nationwide program supervisor for digital coaching at Life Time. “One can oversaturate cells when consuming greater than what is required, and this received’t assist with hydration.”

“When the sodium ranges begin to drop, the very first thing individuals discover is they begin getting indignant,” says salt professional Darryl Bosshardt, BS, of Redmond Actual Salt. “They begin getting quick with individuals. Then they get a headache. Then they’ll begin getting muscle cramps; digestion begins to go. It’s only a cascade.”

Left unchecked, that cascade can culminate in hyponatremia, by which the sodium ranges change into diluted, which in flip causes swelling in cells all through the physique, together with the mind. As stress will increase throughout the cranium, so does the danger of coma, mind harm, and even dying.

This isn’t a priority for folk who work out as soon as a day for an hour or much less and recuperate with meals and water. However for endurance runners, cyclists, hikers, and different athletes who train for hours and even days on finish, sustaining a reasonably exact blood chemistry could be extraordinarily essential.

This was excerpted from “Drink Up” which was revealed within the Might 2022 situation of Expertise Life journal.

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