Is a High-Sugar, High-Fat Diet Fueling Alzheimer’s?


By The Editors | August twenty second, 2022

It might be widespread data that high-sugar, high-fat junk meals (assume: fried meals, milkshakes, pastries, muffins and cookies) aren’t good to your waistline, however may additionally they be harming your mind? For older adults, mounting analysis signifies {that a} food regimen excessive in processed meals — meals filled with fats, sugar, ldl cholesterol and synthetic components — may improve the chance of Alzheimer’s illness for growing old adults.

In a 2018 examine, scientists from Brock College in Ontario, Canada used mice to check whether or not food regimen impacts the probabilities of creating Alzheimer’s. For 13 weeks, they gave one group of mice a food regimen excessive in fats and sugar, and one other group a traditional food regimen, in response to examine outcomes revealed in Physiological Studies

When the researchers measured ranges of irritation ranges within the mind’s reminiscence heart (the hippocampus), and the world of the mind accountable for decision-making and social habits (the prefrontal cortex), they discovered that the brains of the mice who ate a high-fat, high-sugar food regimen had extra irritation, mobile stress and insulin resistance. These components are all related to degenerative mind ailments like Alzheimer’s and different types of dementia.

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Within the management group, irritation ranges within the mind rose, too, which the researchers interpreted as an indication that food regimen isn’t the one issue at play: Ageing itself might result in irritation, doubtlessly inflicting some folks to develop Alzheimer’s. 

Based on the examine’s authors, the proof reveals {that a} poor food regimen might improve the results of growing old.

“These outcomes add to our primary understanding of the pathways concerned within the early development of [Alzheimer’s] … and show the damaging results of a [high-fat, high-sugar] food regimen on each the prefrontal cortex and hippocampal areas,” the examine crew wrote.

A junk meals food regimen as a danger issue for Alzheimer’s illness

Each poor food regimen and weight problems have been linked to Alzheimer’s prior to now. In a examine in 2017, MRI scans of the mind revealed that individuals who have been overweight, smoked, had elevated levels of cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes had extra beta-amyloid of their brains — the sticky protein that builds into plaques within the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s. 

Having simply a type of danger components elevated the probability of elevated amyloid ranges within the mind by 88 %; two or extra danger components almost tripled the probability of elevated beta-amyloid plaques. Amongst these danger components, weight problems stood out—it alone almost doubled the probabilities of elevated amyloid in later life.

Sugar, specifically, has been implicated in Alzheimer’s illness. Some scientists even consult with Alzheimer’s illness as ‘Kind 3 diabetes’ due to the issue Alzheimer’s brains appear to have in breaking down glucose, the mind’s major supply of vitality. 

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Excessive ranges of blood sugar have been proven to trigger reminiscence issues even when they aren’t at ranges that qualify as diabetic and the fluctuation in blood sugar is gentle. And naturally, Kind 2 diabetes itself is a danger issue for dementia, elevating the lifetime probability of being recognized with the illness by 75 to 100%. Some scientists have even proven that diabetes medication present promise in serving to to deal with Alzheimer’s and probably different types of dementia.

The proof does begin to add up — diets excessive in sugar and fats are possible unhealthy for each the mind and the physique. However whereas this examine corresponds with different proof that reveals food regimen can have an effect on mind well being, it was carried out on mice, not folks. Extra analysis is required to see if the identical findings maintain true in people.

Can a nutritious diet assist shield the mind from Alzheimer’s?

It’s laborious to show {that a} nutritious diet is sufficient to forestall mind ailments like Alzheimer’s and dementia however well being consultants proceed to evangelise the advantages of diets wealthy in greens, complete grains, fruits, olive oil in addition to proteins like fish and different seafood, like adherents to the Mediterranean food regimen historically eat. 

Some researchers consider that scientists have struggled to make the connection between food regimen and mind well being both as a result of there isn’t any or as a result of previous research have been inappropriately crafted. 

Final month, a Diet for Dementia Prevention Working Group made up of 27 researchers within the Alzheimer’s and dementia discipline revealed an inventory of dietary suggestions within the journal The Lancet Well being Longevity to assist the event of future research inspecting the hyperlink between meals and mind well being. 


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