Hunter Labrada Talks Best Chest Exercises for Growth, Fixing Muscle Imbalances, and More


Suppose you observe bodybuilder Hunter Labrada on YouTube and Instagram. In that case, you realize that he’s all the time keen to reply fan questions and supply recommendations on repeatedly make enhancements within the gymnasium.

Throughout his newest “Saturday Q&A” video from Sept. 3, 2022, Labrada answered numerous questions, together with develop a much bigger chest, one of the best aspect delt train, and whether or not a bodybuilder can (and will) drink alcohol within the low season. Test it out:

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Easy methods to Develop Your Chest

It’s one of the crucial widespread questions uttered in gyms and on message boards around the globe: How do I get a much bigger chest? So it was inevitable that Labrada would tackle it at some point. The important thing, he says, is much less concerning the quantity of weight you’re shifting and extra concerning the kind and train choice.

“I see with lots of people, every time their chests are lagging, [it’s because] they’re manner too involved with the quantity of weight they’re utilizing and so they’re utilizing much more triceps and entrance delt than they’re chest,” Labrada says.

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Quite than your one-rep max as one of the best instrument for chest development, Labrada suggests concentrating in your vary of movement and selecting workout routines that optimize the pecs. He suggests these 4:

Although he doesn’t give strict rep or set quantities, he mentions that you must shoot for failure units within the 10 to 12-rep vary.

Labrada’s Favourite Aspect Delt Train

This one was easy: For his favourite aspect delt train, Labrada brings up the chest-supported cuff Y increase that he does throughout each push session. For this transfer, arrange an adjustable bench at an almost vertical angle so the pad is dealing with a cable machine. Then, put the cuff attachments on the cables, face away from the machine, and put your reverse palms by way of the cuffs.

Whereas dealing with the bench, set your self with the cables behind your again. Then, stand on the bench and brace your chest towards the pad. Carry out lateral raises with each arms, extending as excessive as you’ll be able to go and reducing again right down to your sides. Maintain your chest pressed towards the pad all through. Watch the tutorial on the 26-minute mark within the video above.

Bodybuilding and Booze

Labrada was requested if a bodybuilder might get pleasure from alcohol in the course of the low season. And whereas he is aware of bodybuilders who drink often, he says it’s clearly not optimum to indulge an excessive amount of, even while you’re not prepping for a present. Generally, moderation and customary sense reign supreme.

“I personally deal with my low season like prep in terms of the truth that I’m not ingesting alcohol or doing something that impedes my restoration,” Labrada says. “On the finish of the day, how severely do you wish to take it?”

One factor he does drink, nonetheless, is zero-calorie drinks like Gatorade Zero and Powerade Zero. Although he says his coach would possibly take him off synthetic sweeteners near the Olympia, these drinks maintain him satiated and assist him get his fluids in.

Fixing a Muscle Imbalance

When the query of fixing muscle imbalances got here up, Labrada says it’s all about concentrating on compelled reps and slowly matching up either side.

[Know] which aspect is the weakest aspect [and start] with that aspect [to get] your additional compelled rep. Whenever you go to the robust aspect, simply match reps.

Discover an train — like hammer curls — the place you will get 10 strong reps and one compelled rep in your weak arm. In your stronger arm, match that with 11 reps. Even when it’s simpler in your stronger arm, your weak aspect will quickly catch up after a number of weeks, Labrada says.

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If there’s greater than a two- or three-rep discrepancy between the edges, Labrada suggests including a standalone set or two with the weak aspect to convey it on top of things.

Labrada’s subsequent bodybuilding present would be the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest on Dec. 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV.

Featured Picture: @hunterlabrada on Instagram