How to Shop an International Market


Spices and Condiments

Worldwide markets supply considerable spices and condiments. And since turnover of their spice racks is probably going increased than at a standard North American grocery retailer, the choices are usually brisker — so even when the names are acquainted, the style could also be new.

In Indian markets, search for black cardamom for its pungent, smoky style. Decide up star anise or mace for curries and chutneys, and hunt down large luggage of entire chilies (attempt our Stir-Fried Hen and Greens With Coconut Curry Sauce or this Recent Coconut Chutney recipe to start out). There’s additionally an array of pickled vegetables and fruit, comparable to uncooked mangoes and inexperienced peppers, typically with totally different components, like lemon and berries, Godbole says. Condiments like tamarind sauce and Maggi ketchup deliver a distinct type of tang to your desk (discover this array of 13 worldwide condiments and sauces).

Mexican and Latino groceries supply quite a lot of entire spices and herbs, like cumin seeds and oregano. Mexican oregano is extra citrusy than Italian; each might be mashed by hand so as to add to soups and stews, says Guzman. Floor annatto seeds make achiote paste, which provides al pastor its reddish coloration and attribute smoky taste.

In contrast to the Asian-sourced cassia cinnamon offered in most typical U.S. markets, the cinnamon in Mexico is Ceylon, a thin-bark cinnamon with many layers. “It’s much less spicy, extra candy and sophisticated,” Guzman explains. (Use these tricks to discover the most effective cinnamon.)

And, after all, cabinets are normally overflowing with quite a lot of chilies, the pillar of Mexican and Latin delicacies: ancho, pasilla, chipotle, and extra. Think about making your individual flavored waters from tamarind pods or hibiscus leaves, which create a surprising pink beverage with pure acidity.

Asian groceries carry extra sorts of soy sauce than you may need recognized existed: darkish, gentle, candy, and others. Decide up one thing that appears ­attention-grabbing and experiment with it.

There are bigger, cheaper bottles of sriracha and darkish vinegar than you’ll discover at a grocery chain, in addition to an enormous array of fermented merchandise — soybeans, chilies, and tofu — that you could hold in your fridge seemingly perpetually, Kung says. ­

Korean markets supply a number of kinds of kimchi, made out of cucumber, radish, and plenty of different greens past cabbage.

In Persian markets, hunt down the large containers of tahini and an assortment of high-quality olive oils stamped with homeland (do this Tahini-Yogurt Sauce). And don’t miss the dried or recent spices and herbs, comparable to turmeric, cumin, mint, parsley, and fried entire limes.