Can COVID-19 Cause Alzheimer’s or Dementia?


By Simon Spichak, MSc | January twelfth, 2023

COVID-19: Alzheimer’s danger issue? Sure. Alzheimer’s trigger? Perhaps. As analysis continues, the hyperlink between COVID, irritation, and neurodegeneration turns into clearer.

Reminiscence loss, confusion, cognitive impairment, and mind irritation. These aren’t simply the indicators and signs of Alzheimer’s illness and dementia.

A 12 months after a COVID-19 an infection, individuals are 42 p.c extra prone to expertise neurological signs. Scientists are researching the worrying hyperlinks between the influence of COVID on mind well being and Alzheimer’s illness. There are numerous research rising two years into the pandemic linking COVID an infection to elevated danger of Alzheimer’s, dementia or different neurological situations. 

However may this additionally validate the speculation {that a} bacterial or viral an infection can result in the event of Alzheimer’s? Let’s check out the analysis behind a few of these concepts.

Alzheimer’s illness and COVID-19 irritation

The immune system is a vital contributor to mind well being. Roughly half of the cells within the mind aren’t neurons, however as a substitute astrocytes and microglia which regulate immunity throughout the mind. 

When these cells aren’t working correctly, it may result in cell loss of life and mind harm that’s attribute of cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s illness, and dementia. One instance: The mind’s microglia activate in response to beta-amyloid, releasing extra alerts which causes extra irritation and extra harm. 

These observations have even led to a brand new college of analysis into the illness — suggesting it must be handled like different immune problems. There are substantial hyperlinks between the immune dysfunction current throughout Alzheimer’s illness and what researchers have seen so removed from COVID-19. 

Late final 12 months, scientists found that Alzheimer’s and extreme COVID-19 an infection shared a genetic danger issue known as OAS1. Individuals who have decrease ranges of OAS1 exercise usually tend to have hyperactive immune cells operating amok, whether or not it’s within the mind or the lungs. One other research in contrast the blood of individuals with COVID-19 to cognitive wholesome people and people with Alzheimer’s. Folks with neurological signs throughout their an infection had comparable biomarkers of mind damage to individuals with Alzheimer’s illness — together with greater ranges of beta-amyloid and tau proteins in addition to neurofilament gentle chain. 

However COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s illness have way over simply irritation in widespread.

COVID-19 an infection mimics Alzheimer’s mind adjustments

Some researchers imagine that viral and bacterial infections are the underlying explanation for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and different neurodegenerative mind problems. Earlier this 12 months, scientists discovered compelling proof that the virus behind mononucleosis — the Epstein-Barr virus — stands out as the trigger behind a number of sclerosis. Research of COVID-19 provides compelling proof that viral an infection may additionally trigger Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A research revealed earlier this 12 months in Nature Communications discovered that two proteins produced by the SARS-CoV-2 virus mixture and clump — much like beta-amyloid — inflicting harm to cells within the mind. The authors steered that this may occasionally set off the neurological signs resembling reminiscence loss, which additionally happen throughout Alzheimer’s illness. Furthering this concept, some sufferers who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 confirmed elevated charges of cognitive decline and neurodegeneration

Even individuals who skilled an asymptomatic an infection confirmed indicators of cognitive impairment when in comparison with a cohort of people that have been by no means uninfected.One other research from 2022 appeared on the persistent cognitive signs developed by lengthy COVID sufferers. These signs which persevered for months have been discovered to be equal to 20 years of cognitive getting older

Whereas a number of this analysis is compelling, it doesn’t immediately show that COVID-19 causes Alzheimer’s or dementia. It does nevertheless present credence to the concept that COVID has an overwhelmingly destructive influence on mind well being and cognition. 

COVID-19 an infection will increase the chance of Alzheimer’s or dementia

Now, greater than two years into the pandemic, scientists can check whether or not the influence an infection has on the mind persists and whether or not it will increase the chance of creating different situations like Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

The biggest research up to now, revealed in The Lancet Psychiatry, tracked the post-COVID danger over the course of two years in 1.2 million individuals. The outcomes have been alarming, displaying that, for a sure subset of people that recovered from COVID-19 two years in the past, the possibilities of creating dementia rose from a 10-percent probability to a 13-percent probability — a one-third improve — together with statistically vital greater danger for different cognitive points, from seizures to psychotic problems.

One other research discovered no distinction within the danger of creating Alzheimer’s when in comparison with different people recovering from different respiratory infections after one 12 months. Additionally they discovered that COVID-19 and different respiratory infections tripled the chance of receiving an Alzheimer’s analysis throughout the following 12 months. Whereas the outcomes appear at odds, the latter research didn’t assess the chance of creating Alzheimer’s or every other dementia after two years. It’s potential that COVID-19 has extra of a long-lasting influence on mind well being than different respiratory infections.

Dementia danger issue? Sure. Cause? Perhaps.

COVID-19 results in irritation and adjustments within the mind which can be much like Alzheimer’s and different neurodegenerative problems. Whereas there’s compelling proof that COVID and different infections improve the chance of creating Alzheimer’s, it isn’t clear whether or not the an infection itself is the trigger.

It additionally isn’t clear whether or not it results in the event of the illness in in any other case wholesome individuals or if it quickens an present illness course of. 



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