Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada Talks About His Favorite Triceps Exercise — and Why He Doesn’t Do Rope Pushdowns


One other week, one other little bit of knowledge from bodybuilder Hunter Labrada. In his newest YouTube video, the 2020 Tampa Professional winner talks all concerning the one triceps train he swears by — together with one which he suggests you must ax out of your routine fully. Take a look at the video under:

In keeping with Labrada, the rope pushdowns — part of so many triceps exercises in gyms throughout — aren’t value doing in the event you’re seeking to construct the ol’ horseshoes. His criticism of the transfer comes all the way down to elbow flexion and physique positioning.

“Each time you’re coaching your triceps, the job of your triceps is elbow extension,” Labrada says. “So, each time we’re on the prime of the rep, we would like as a lot elbow flexion as attainable […] We additionally need to have every little thing locked down and again. We don’t need to have our shoulder floating off into oblivion [and] we don’t need to have the ability to get our pec and our entrance delt concerned on the extension.”

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That’s the place the issues begin, Labrada says. Doing rope pushdowns might pressure an individual to roll their shoulders ahead to attain a full elbow extension, which isn’t preferrred for stability. He additionally says many individuals wind up preventing with the rope to maintain their elbows aligned with their shoulders. That alignment is essential to maximizing the triceps throughout extensions. 

To prime it off, Labrada says the act of pulling the rope down on the prime of the elevate “is a operate of your lat, not your triceps,” which means there’s much less rigidity in your triceps all through every rep.

It’s necessary to notice, nevertheless, that that is strictly Labrada’s private opinion on the pushdown train. Research have proven that triceps pushdowns nonetheless improve energy and might be a worthwhile a part of your routine.

Hunter Labrada’s Favourite Triceps Train

To construct his triceps, Labrada as an alternative opts for cuffed triceps extensions, which he says “is the very best train you possibly can probably do” for everybody’s favourite three-headed muscle.

By performing the transfer utilizing a crossover method, Labrada says he is ready to preserve his shoulders and elbows in a straight line with out having to struggle a rope. It additionally permits for full extension of the elbow with out incorporating his shoulders or pecs into the transfer. 

Find out how to Do Cuffed Triceps Extensions

To do that transfer, you’ll first have to have two cuff equipment and entry to a large cable stack. From there, set the cables in a excessive place and put your reverse fingers via the cuffs. Subsequent, convey your arms to your sides, along with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.

Together with your again straight and shoulders upright, prolong your arms absolutely out straight and return them again to the place to begin in a single fluid movement.

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When you don’t have entry to a large cable stack, you are able to do single-arm cuffed triceps extensions, as an alternative. For this transfer, set the pulley up excessive, put your hand via the cuff, and preserve your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle.

As soon as in place, prolong your arm down till it’s utterly straight and slowly elevate again as much as the place to begin. All through the transfer, ensure that your shoulders are saved again and straight.

Featured Picture: Hunter Labrada on YouTube