Been Sitting Too Long? Try These 2 Moves


Elevated Pigeon

seated pigeon

  • Whereas sitting in a chair, retaining one foot flat on the ground, bend your different leg and place your ankle on prime of your bent knee in order that your legs type a “4” form.
  • Place your arms in your bent leg, lean ahead barely, and rotate towards your left facet, then towards your proper facet.
  • Proceed alternating between the 2 positions, rotating left and proper, for 2 minutes or so long as doable.
  • Repeat on the alternative facet.

Kneeling Isometric

kneeling isometric

  • Kneel on the ground along with your proper leg at a 90-degree angle and your left knee on the ground behind you. Preserve an upright torso and place your arms in your proper knee.
  • Squeeze the correct facet of your butt and transfer your proper knee ahead so far as you’ll be able to — it received’t go far along with your butt squeezed — and maintain the place.
  • Preserve your butt engaged as you breathe — 5 sluggish inhales, 5 sluggish exhales — for one minute. Be sure to maintain the working facet of your butt engaged for the whole minute.
  • Repeat on the alternative facet.

Sitting for lengthy durations is likely to be widespread, however it may undermine your well being. Study extra at “The Very important Function Standing — Versus Sitting — Performs in Your Well being,” from which this piece was excerpted.


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