An Insightful Journey In This Bubbly Industry


It all started with a small experiment in a small tea shop in Taiwan. Lin Hsiu Hui created something out of two simple ingredients to revolutionize the tea industry. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the viral tea beverage, Bubble Tea, popularly known as Boba tea. Lin Hsiu combined milk tea with Tapioca pearls to produce the most trending drink in today’s market.

Let’s discuss the drink’s status in the market and the top companies ruling with it more.

History Of Bubble Tea

If you love tea, you must be familiar with Bubble tea and have tried it. It has made its mark on the young kids too. Moreover, it has added a new section to the beverage industry. New brands have come up in competition with big shots. Before we dive into the companies, let us carry forward the story of Lin Hsiu Hui. Back in 1990 and 1991, bubble tea spread all across Taiwan. It became a sensation in very less time. You can guess its popularity because 80%-90% of Chun Sui Tang’s sales are because of Bubble tea.

In the 1980s, the craze for bubble tea spread to Asia and Europe. New companies entered the territory of Boba tea. The beverage is witnessing exponential growth in flavor combinations, customizations, and specific sales with every passing year.

Present Market

Bubble tea’s trends continue to rise. In 2019, the industry stood at a valuation of US$2.4 billion. As per experts, the industry might touch US$3 billion by 2027. Having a bubble tea shop in every mall in New York, California, and other US states is common.

Here are some fantastic insights for the readers who are oblivion to the Bubble world. If you want to give your palate an experience of texture and flavor, bubble tea is what you must try. Do not get confused if you read it as Boba Tea, Boba milk tea, or pearl milk tea. The names might be different, but they are all the same. While few brands offer frozen delights, boba feels amazing in its original milky form.

The soft, chewy gumdrops of tapioca pearls make the tea an absolute delight. When you shake the drink vigorously, it forms a foam layer on the top of the drink. Visually, it is stunning! The pearls are not available in soft form. They are boiled in water with brown sugar to make them soft and add sweetness. You have to cook them slowly for a considerable time to make them chewy.


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