5 Hammer Curl Variations Exercises For Men


Curling a barbell or dumbbell is a staple train for constructing biceps, however it will probably get boring after some time.

Including new variations to your hammer curl routine can’t solely show you how to keep away from plateaus but additionally problem your muscular tissues in new methods. There’re just a few hammer curl variations we advocate including to your routine:

Hammer Curl Variation Workouts For Males

Here is a have a look at 5 such workout routines for males:

#1 Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The standing dumbbell hammer curl is a variation of the standard dumbbell hammer curls and targets your biceps.

This train may be finished utilizing one or two arms, relying in your health degree and talent to carry out it accurately. To carry out a standing dumbbell hammer curl with each arms, maintain one dumbbell in every hand, and stand with ft shoulder-width aside. Relaxation the load on prime of your thighs whereas holding them up at 90 levels to have interaction the core muscular tissues.


Start by curling the left arm up towards your shoulder whereas preserving the precise arm straight always throughout this motion. Reverse this motion once you’ve accomplished 12 repetitions for every arm, and repeat on the opposite facet.

#2 Kettlebell Hammer Curl

It is a nice variation of the hammer curl, and it’s simpler in your wrists than holding a straight barbell. Furthermore, you need to use totally different weights in every hand to be able to step by step improve the load as you construct up energy.

Kettlebell Hammer Curls are finished by holding a kettlebell with each palms and standing with ft shoulder-width aside. Preserve your again straight and head up whereas preserving the kettlebell immediately in entrance of you all through this train.


Increase it immediately upward until it reaches eye degree or barely above earlier than decreasing it once more underneath management. Use a impartial grip to tug the kettlebell as much as your chest.

#3 Hammer Incline Curl

Incline hammer curls are an effective way to work your forearms and biceps. You are able to do them seated or standing, relying on the supply ofequipment.

To carry out this train, begin with a dumbbell in every hand, and sit on an incline bench (or one thing comparable) at roughly 45 levels. Maintain the dumbbells at your shoulders with palms dealing with ahead, elbows barely bent, and straighten each arms fully in order that they’re parallel to the bottom.


Bend your elbows, and decrease the load down in direction of your sides until they attain 90 levels. Press up once more until you get a full extension of the arm. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions earlier than switching sides.

#4 Preacher Hammer Curl

The preacher hammer curl is likely one of the greatest workout routines you are able to do to construct muscle in your biceps. It may be carried out with a barbell, dumbbells or EZ bar. You may as well select to carry out it both standing or sitting on a bench.

To carry out this train, sit on the sting of a preacher bench, along with your arms hanging straight down out of your sides. Your forearms must be dealing with ahead and parallel to one another. Maintain a dumbbell in every hand, and relaxation them towards your thighs in order that they do not transfer throughout the train.


It doesn’t matter what sort of kit you utilize for this train, begin by curling the load up until it reaches shoulder degree. Decrease them again down slowly until they contact your thighs once more, at which level they’re going to keep there all through their descent section. Attain full extension once more as soon as each arms are absolutely stretched outwards straight forward with none twisting in any respect.

#5 Cross-Physique Curl

Cross-body curls are an effective way to combine up your biceps exercise routine by utilizing one arm to go throughout your chest. It’s just like customary hammer curls, however you do it with one arm at a time. This train hits your biceps from a completely totally different angle and will help you construct larger, higher muscular tissues.


When doing this motion, ensure you use a lightweight weight so that you simply don’t irritate your shoulder joints or trigger any muscle ache in different components of your arm. You may as well attempt doing cross-body dumbbell curls by switching between two weights (one in every hand) as a substitute of preserving a weight in a single hand.


General, hammer curls are an amazing train for individuals with decrease again points or who wish to keep away from any ache or discomfort when lifting weights.

In addition they work nicely for newcomers who want a straightforward option to construct up their energy.

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