21 Best Butt Exercises to Tone your Glute Muscles


Whether or not you wish to enhance your working or strolling sport, tone your bottom or improve your lower-body energy, specializing in the glutes is a should.

The glutes are made up of three muscle tissue: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. The biggest muscle within the physique, the gluteus maximus, helps maintain you upright and stabilizes the hips, making it important to on a regular basis motion. And sure, working all three glute muscle tissue will assist tighten and tone your butt.

I’ve compiled a listing of the perfect butt workout routines to construct your bottom by strengthening the glutes from each angle. Decide your favorites from the checklist and string them collectively for a killer butt exercise!

Glute bridge

Glute bridge

The glute bridge will aid you activate and strengthen your glutes earlier than beginning your work out. Start mendacity on the ground together with your again on the bottom and your arms at your sides. Bend your knees in order that your toes are flat on the bottom. Utilizing your glutes, carry your again and butt off the ground and into the air. Be sure you’re absolutely partaking your glutes and never counting on another muscle tissue, like your legs, as a substitute. When you enable your different muscle tissue to take over, you’re not absolutely activating your glutes. Take into consideration squeezing your butt to carry your physique.

Single leg glute bridge

Single leg glute bridge

Start the identical as you’d with an ordinary glute bridge: in your again together with your knees bent and toes flat on the ground in entrance of you. With this variation, begin by preserving your left heel on the bottom and elevating your proper leg straight up within the air. Squeeze the left glute and hamstring muscle tissue, preserving your core activated as you carry your hips. Holding your proper leg raised, slowly decrease your hips again to the ground. Repeat after which change sides.

Chair squats

Chair squats

Place a chair behind you and stand in entrance of it with toes hips-width aside. Push the hips backward to start squatting slowly till your butt faucets the chair. Stand again up and repeat. The seated squat nonetheless efficiently targets the muscle tissue in your decrease physique whereas the chair serves as a security for individuals who aren’t absolutely comfy squatting or are nonetheless mastering the shape.

Crab walk

Crab stroll

For this train, you could wish to use a resistance band. Start standing in a half-squat place with the band round your ankles. Take a step towards your proper, then comply with together with your left foot. Take two steps in a single route after which two steps within the different, squeezing your glutes with every step. When you don’t have a resistance band, that’s not an issue. With consciousness, you’ll be able to just remember to’re actually squeezing your glutes with every step. That is one other good train to assist get up your butt muscle tissue earlier than figuring out. 

Squat with side leg lift

Squat with aspect leg carry

This train fires up your glutes after which particularly targets the gluteus medius. It additionally works your steadiness within the standing leg as you do the aspect leg carry. Begin standing together with your toes as broad as your hips. Bend your knees and attain your glutes again as when you’re sitting right into a chair, then as you get up press down by way of the left foot as you carry the suitable leg out to the suitable as excessive because the hip. Really feel the skin of the suitable hip tighten as you carry. Then decrease it again down into the standing place, repeat the squat, and carry out a left aspect leg carry. Repeat 20 squats whole; 10 aspect leg lifts on either side. 

Clam exercise


The clam targets your gluteus medius particularly, making it the proper transfer to fight useless butt syndrome. The clam can even assist with hip stabilization and vary of movement. Lie down in your left aspect together with your head resting in your arm or propped up in your forearm. Bend each of your knees, stacking them on prime of one another and pull them up nearer to your torso. Maintain the underside leg resting on the ground whereas lifting the opposite into the air, opening your hips. Maintain your toes glued collectively the whole time. This could activate your proper glute. After ten repetitions, flip over to lie in your proper aspect and repeat the identical course of. Once more, be sure you usually are not involving different muscle tissue that will make this course of simpler. Squeeze your glutes — and even add a resistance band round your thighs for additional glute activation! 

Fire hydrant

Fireplace hydrant

This train entails the same sort of motion because the clam, which implies it additionally instantly targets the gluteus medius. Begin on all fours together with your arms and knees on the bottom. Holding your proper knee bent, carry your proper leg out towards the aspect of your physique till your leg is parallel with the ground. Repeat this movement ten occasions earlier than switching to your different leg.

Donkey kick

Donkey kick

The donkey kick engages your glutes in a backward movement of the legs. It’s essential to be sure you’re not relying in your quads for assist throughout this train because it’ll hinder glute activation. Start on all fours. Maintain your knee bent at a 90-degree angle and carry your proper leg backward till your your thigh is aligned together with your again, preserving your foot flexed. Consider stamping the ceiling with the underside of your foot. Decrease your leg again down and again up in a steady movement. Repeat ten occasions, then change legs and repeat.

Donkey kick into fire hydrant

Donkey kick into fireplace hydrant

Carry out the donkey kick, reaching the suitable leg up towards the ceiling. Then when you come again to middle, instantly open the suitable knee to the aspect into the fireplace hydrant. Repeat this 10 occasions earlier than switching sides.

Side lunge

Facet lunge

Begin standing with toes hips-width aside. Step your proper foot out to the suitable. Bend the suitable knee and attain the suitable glute again right into a aspect lunge. Maintain the left leg straight. Press down by way of the suitable heel to come back again to middle. Carry out 10 repetitions after which repeat on the left aspect.

Side leg lift

Facet leg carry

Begin standing with toes hips-width aside. Transfer the suitable leg out to the suitable, pointing the suitable toe and resting it on the bottom. Then interact the glute and hip to carry the suitable leg up nearly as excessive because the hip. Decrease it down and repeat for 10 repetitions earlier than switching sides.



Begin standing straight. As you step to the suitable, cross the left foot behind the suitable to faucet the bottom behind the suitable foot. On the similar time, swing your arms like an ice skater. Then, step to the left and produce the suitable foot behind the left to faucet the bottom as you swing your arms. For an added problem, flip the step aspect to aspect right into a leap.

Backward lunge

Backward lunge

Standing together with your toes as broad as your hips, step your proper foot again right into a reverse lunge. Decrease the suitable knee down towards the ground and bend the left knee over the left ankle. Press down by way of the left heel to step the suitable leg again to middle. Repeat 10 occasions after which change sides.

Backward leg lift

Backward leg carry

Begin standing with the toes as broad because the hips. Then level the suitable leg again behind you. Carry the suitable leg straight up towards the ceiling, squeezing the glute, after which decrease it down. Repeat 10 occasions after which change sides.

Wide leg open toe squat with calf raise

Broad leg open toe squat with calf elevate

Stand together with your toes as broad or wider than your shoulders and switch your toes out. Pull your abs in and bend your knees out to the perimeters as you decrease down into a large squat. Maintain your again straight and your pelvis tucked below. On the backside, come up onto your tip toes and steadiness for one second. Then press the heels again down into the bottom and drive as much as a standing place. Begin with 3-5 repetitions whole and construct from there.

Curtsy lunge with knee raise

Curtsy lunge with knee elevate

Begin standing together with your toes as broad as your shoulders. Step your proper foot again behind and barely to the left of your left foot. Bend each knees as you decrease down right into a lunge on this curtsy place. Then press down by way of your left heel to carry your proper leg again to middle. Repeat 10 occasions after which change to the opposite aspect.



Stand together with your toes shoulder-width aside and your toes pointed ahead. (As you progress by way of the train, be aware that your knees by no means go ahead previous your toes.) Maintain your chest up and ensure to not tilt your head down. Pull your navel in towards your backbone to have interaction your core. Bend the knees whereas preserving your heels and toes on the ground, slowly sitting again right into a squat place together with your chest up, your shoulders again and abs in. Decrease down till your knees are bent at as near a 90-degree angle as doable. Then straighten your legs by urgent into your heels to face again up. Squeeze your glutes on the prime, tilting your pelvis ahead. Repeat.

Single-leg deadlift

Single-leg deadlift

Stand together with your toes as broad as your hips. Put your weight into your left leg and start to hinge at your waist, preserving your left knee comfortable. Place your arms in your hips for steadiness. Proceed to hinge ahead and carry your proper leg up and again till your physique kinds a straight line from head to toe. Be sure that your hips keep sq. to the bottom. Pause, after which return to the beginning place. Repeat 10 occasions after which change sides.

Chair into reverse lunge

Chair into reverse lunge

Stand together with your toes as broad as your hips. Bend your knees and attain your butt again. Sink down low towards the bottom on this slender squat place and look down to make sure your knees aren’t additional ahead than your toes. From right here. Step your proper foot again right into a reverse lunge, then carry it again to chair pose. Repeat this 10 occasions with the suitable leg, then take a break. Come again into chair pose and repeat 10 occasions with the left leg.

Frog on your belly

Frog in your stomach

This Pilates train strengthens the core, hamstrings, glutes and low again. Lie face down on the ground. Place your arms on prime of one another together with your elbows out to the perimeters and relaxation your brow in your arms. Open your legs as broad because the hips and bend the knees, bringing the heels along with the toes aside. Pull the naval away from the bottom to have interaction your core. Then, activate your hamstrings and glutes as you press the bottoms of the toes up towards the ceiling and carry your quads off of the bottom. Launch the legs again down and repeat 10 occasions.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers

Start in plank place, preserving your again straight, your hips low and your core engaged. Carry your proper knee below your chest towards your proper elbow. Straighten the leg again to plank place, and produce your left leg below your chest towards your left elbow. Repeat, alternating your legs and preserving a gradual tempo for 10 reps on either side.


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